Lingsoft will be a primary translation vendor for the European Commission

Lingsoft Language Services Oy has won one of the European Commission's most important translation agreements. The length of the TRAD23 agreement is four years, meaning that Lingsoft will provide the Commission with translation services from English into Finnish and Swedish totalling up to 80,000 pages per year. The value of the agreement is 6–8 million euros.

Lingsoft can save precious time for healthcare (Dagens industri 9.11.2023)

Language experts sit around a conference room table and listen to Janica Asplund, who is telling them how Lingsoft's speech recognition solution can help save time in healthcare patient documentation.

Janica Asplund (on the left) talks about the versatility of speech recognition.
Highly capable AI-based speech recognition for dictation in healthcare delivers good results.

“Patient documentation is three times faster with speech recognition, compared to manual processing,” explains Heikki Korvenranta, Medical Advisor, Healthcare Processes & Information Technology at Lingsoft.

Lingsoft continues as translation partner for the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL

Lingsoft has won the competitive tendering for public translation services conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL. This consists of three areas: general health and social services translations, social and health services information management translations, and forensic medicine translations. The most important language pairs in this translation work are Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-English, but Lingsoft delivers translations in all languages required by THL, such as Sámi, Estonian or Arabic. The required languages are also translated into Finnish.

The Necoverse project is crossing borders and breaking language barriers in shipbuilding with virtual reality

The Necoverse project creates virtual environments to support shipbuilding. Graphical drawing of the shipyard: two large cranes and a modern cruise ship to be built.

Lingsoft is taking part in the two-year Necoverse project, which uses virtual technology to create a variety of interactive virtual environments for the training, design, and remote operations of shipyards and shipbuilding.

The Necoverse project is part of the NEcOLEAP locomotive ecosystem of Meyer Turku, the aim of which is to create a climate-neutral cruise ship concept. It is not enough for the ship itself to be climate neutral; the construction process and building environment must also meet the same target.

Information belongs to everyone: Lingsoft once more a part of Europe Forum in Turku on 30 August - 1 September 2023

The Europe Forum will be organised in Turku for the sixth time, and Lingsoft has been involved in the event production this year as well. Lingsoft delivers accessibility services to the organisers and programme producers of the forum, which means providing subtitles for all the video recordings of the event. This makes the discussions accessible on the different event channels, also those available afterwards.

Lingsoft has been one of the 100 largest language service providers for 10 years

Lingsoft is on the Top 100 lists of Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research again this year. Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research are American marketing research companies that specialise in the language services and language technology sector. They also provide consulting services for language service providers operating on international markets.