Lingsoft will be a primary translation vendor for the European Commission

Lingsoft Language Services Oy has won one of the European Commission's most important translation agreements. The length of the TRAD23 agreement is four years, meaning that Lingsoft will provide the Commission with translation services from English into Finnish and Swedish totalling up to 80,000 pages per year. The value of the agreement is 6–8 million euros.

Lingsoft has been providing translations to the European Commission for over 20 years. This cooperation will now continue, with Lingsoft serving as the primary translation vendor for both Finnish and Swedish starting on 1 March 2024. Within the framework of the agreement, a diverse range of documents relating to the activities of the Commission and European Union areas of activity will be translated for different Directorate-Generals of the Commission.

Demanding translation on tight schedules

The content of the translations ranges from technical and legislative documents to texts targeting the general public, with broad themes that can range from energy issues to the Artificial Intelligence Act and from human rights to EU space policy. The estimated annual scope of the agreement can be up to 80,000 pages. The volume of translations has increased in recent years, and the Commission has estimated that outsourcing needs will continue to grow in the future.

The quality requirements for translation work are high and the schedules are often very tight. However, Lingsoft’s efficient services allow it to meet the Commission's needs. The service teams skilfully manage large translation projects and smoothly adapt to the reality that the content of documents being translated may change several times during the translation processes.

Lingsoft's own experienced core team and a network of approximately 100 language experts and partners will be working with European Commission translations. This means that the agreement also employs a significant number of experts outside Lingsoft – in Finland, Sweden and different parts of Europe.

Language technologies to support the work of experts

Lingsoft uses language technology solutions when providing services. This includes the company's own machine translation tool, which has been taught to take the terminology and style features of EU texts into account. These solutions support the work of language experts, thus improving the quality, speed and efficiency of translations. Multi-year agreements allow Lingsoft to develop new language intelligence solutions designed to meet the needs of the European Commission.

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