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High-quality, reliable and affordable translation services play an important role in the digital era when your company wishes to grow, enter the international market and provide an unforgettable customer experience.

Documentation translation

  • user guides
  • safety data sheets
  • training material
  • product information
  • legal texts, etc.

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Software localisation

  • web applications
  • operating systems
  • mobile applications


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Marketing translation

  • brochures
  • web pages
  • bulletins
  • e-commerce

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Term management solutions

  • creating and maintaining glossaries
  • also available as a cloud-based solution

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Why Lingsoft?

We are a reliable Finnish company offering translations and other services related to multilingualism quickly and easily in one place while also utilising translation technologies.

Lingsoft is the ideal match to company of the digital era: your competent, innovative and cost-effective internationalisation partner! The feedback we have received from our customers stands as evidence for this:
The delivery is fast, the work is of high quality and the service is extremely friendly!
It works extremely well as a whole. It is a downright pleasure to read the translations.

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A high-quality translation creates credibility

We help you make sure that your message is convincing across all channels, languages and market areas.

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Your partner in multilingual communication

We will deliver you translations quickly, reliably and with high-quality in multiple languages. We take into account your company’s areas of special expertise in terms of both text type and vocabulary: as a result, you can trust us in matters related to internationalisation and multilingualism.

Each year, the translation services we deliver amount to

  • over 90 million words
  • to nearly 400 end customers
  • in over 130 different language combinations.

We provide you with website translations, multilingual marketing materials and product documentation, software translations, video subtitles, term management, special glossaries and language management tools - or a machine translation solution developed for your company’s needs.

Customer stories

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Language services for the central government

Lingsoft has been providing ministries and central government organisations with translations and language services for over 20 years.

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European Parliament

We provide the Parliament with translations of all official languages into Finnish and Swedish.

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Lingsoft assists pension experts in the translation of medical certificates.

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Lingsoft translates Planmeca’s instruction manuals, documentation and marketing materials into as many as 39 different language pairs every year.

Outsourcing translation pays off

 When a company wants to enter a new market or the aim is that the company’s message reaches the largest possible target audience, the need for translating content increases. However, in many cases, the company does not have sufficient language proficiency or wishes to spend its working hours more productively on its core competence. By outsourcing the translations to a good translation agency, you ensure that your translations are of high quality and suited for their purpose.

Here at Lingsoft, we make sure that your texts are prepared by experienced language professionals. As a Lingsoft customer, you also get some of the benefits brought by the use of translation technologies.

We also provide other useful services in addition to translations. For example, we can lay out the brochure texts we have translated and deliver print-ready materials, edit the language of texts you have written, or create a customized term management solution for your organisation. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible.

Translation technologies as part of professional translation

Translation memories and translation tools have become an inseparable part of today’s translation. By utilising previously translated material stored in customer-specific translation memories, we ensure multilingual documentation and communication with high-quality and uniform terms and styles.
Machine translation is also one tool among others. The translations produced using machine translation software based on deep learning neural networks have developed enormously. They are already suitable as such for situations in which you want to quickly find out what a text is concerned with. However, a language professional is always needed for a text that is more polished and ready for publication. In this case, a professional will post-edit a machine-translated text, and the machine translation improves the efficiency of the translator’s work. The used data secure machine translation system is based on Lingsoft’s own language analysis and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, which further improves the quality of the machine translation.

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