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Translation services are vital for any company that wants to see growth, discover international opportunities, and offer a high-quality customer experience. 

Lingsoft is a reliable, innovative, and cost-effective language service provider – we're your partner in all your language needs. We always take the special characteristics of each field into account, and you can rely on us to provide the most suitable and appropriate translations for your needs. Each year, our translation service delivers     

  • over 90 million words 
  • to 400 end clients 
  • in over 130 different language combinations.

Documentation translation

  • user manuals
  • operational safety bulletins
  • training material
  • product information
  • legal texts, etc.

Software localisation

  • web applications
  • operating systems
  • mobile applications

Marketing translations

  • brochures
  • web pages
  • bulletins
  • e-commerce

Term management solutions

  • creating and maintaining specialised vocabularies
  • also available as a comprehensive cloud-based solution

How is your translation order processed?

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Lingsoft receives a request through its client portal. A customer service agent reviews the details of the assignment together with the client.

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A professional translator leverages powerful translation technologies as they translate and review the text.

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The final translation is delivered in the requested form and by the agreed deadline. The translation is uploaded to the client portal, where the client can easily download it for their use. 

What is included in the price of a translation?

● Professional translation and proofreading services by a native speaker of the target language
● The coordination and management of the translation project
● The creation and maintenance of a client-specific translation memory database
● Access to Lingsoft’s client portal
● When necessary, one revision round based on the client’s feedback

What factors affect the price of a translation?

● The length of the text to be translated
● The language pair
● The timetable for the translation
● Conversions, delivery, and additional services

Customer stories

Read about our translation services

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Public administration

Lingsoft has been providing ministries and central government organisations with translations and language services for over 20 years.

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European Parliament

Lingsoft provides the Parliament with translations of all official languages into Finnish and Swedish.

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Lingsoft has served as Planmeca’s translation and language services partner in the field of dental health documentation and communications since 2012. 

Your partner in all your language needs


Experienced translators 

We choose our translators from a network of educated translation professionals. Our translators know our clients’ fields inside and out, and they can provide you with a flawless and idiomatic translation according to your specific wishes and needs. 

Accelerating the process with technology 

Our translators utilise Lingsoft’s own translation technologies, such as its translation memory and terminology management tools. These allow us to deliver your translations quickly, cost-efficiently and reliably. The end result is a cohesive text that will always be delivered to you by the agreed deadline.

AI-powered machine translations have come a long way in recent years, but a well-honed translation that is ready for publication will always require a professional’s touch. Our experts leverage Lingsoft’s proprietary machine translation tool, which can also be fine-tuned to your organisation’s needs. This process will allow our tool to become intimately familiar with the vocabulary of your field, further enhancing our translators’ work.  

One-off orders vs continuous translation services 

When you require translation services at regular intervals, you can rely on us even when you’re on a tight schedule or need something translated into a less-popular language. Our extensive network of professionals is here to handle any and all requests, no matter the need or deadline. By concentrating your translation service needs under a single provider, you will be able to better maintain the quality and style of your multilingual translations and communications.  

A personal touch 

Our personalised customer service approach allows us to tailor our services to your exact wishes. And the more you work with us, the better we will be able to understand your and your company’s needs. For example, each new translation accumulates more translation memory data, which then helps us provide the services you require and maintain the terminology and style that you expect. 

Additional services, all under the same roof  

Thanks to our own technological R&D efforts, we can also offer more extensive services, such as tailored proofreading tools and speech recognition solutions. In other words, we can meet any translation needs, be they shorter, one-off translations or more comprehensive, longer-term projects.

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Ask for a quote

You can leave a more detailed request in our client portal. We will send you the quote within one working day.