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European union

Lingsoft has been a European Union translation partner for more than 30 years. Our work involves ensuring that document translations are completed on time and texts are available in different languages for use by the institutions and EU citizens. We are proud that our work allows us to promote central EU values, such as multilingualism and multiculturalism. Our innovative language intelligence solutions support language experts in producing high-quality texts.

European Commission: the demanding language work of the Union's executive body

The cooperation between Lingsoft and the Commission has already lasted for over 20 years, and in early 2024 Lingsoft was once again selected as the primary translation vendor for Finnish and Swedish. The new agreement further strengthens Lingsoft's important role as a Nordic languages provider for the European Union. 


European Parliament texts in 10 language pairs

The European Parliament works in all 24 official EU languages on a daily basis. Documents are published in official languages and Members of the European Parliament have the right to use their own language in their work. EU citizens also have the right to familiarise themselves with legislation that affects them and to present questions to the Parliament and receive answers in their own language. Our services currently cover translations from English, French, German, Spanish and Italian to Finnish and Swedish.



Publications Office of the European Union: EU legislation in a compact package

The Publications Office of the European Union produces summaries of key EU regulations in an effort to share information on EU functions with all EU citizens in a clear and easy to understand form. Lingsoft offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining the collection of summaries in the EU's 24 official languages.

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