European Commission: the demanding language work of the Union's executive body

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation is responsible for translating the Commission's texts into all 24 official languages. An increasing number of translations are being outsourced to translation vendors selected through open tendering. The cooperation between Lingsoft and the Commission has already lasted for over 20 years, and in early 2024 Lingsoft was once again selected as the primary translation vendor for Finnish and Swedish. The new agreement further strengthens Lingsoft's important role as a Nordic languages provider for the European Union. 

Lingsoft will provide the Commission with translations of documents relating to the activities of the different Directorate-Generals, the content of which ranges from legislative documents to texts targeting the general public. Our experienced and professional team ensures that the Commission receives high-quality document translations – even when the schedule is tight. Lingsoft's language intelligence solutions are an integral part of the translation process and, for example, our own machine translation tool has been taught to take the terminology and style features of European Commission texts into account. 

The annual scope of the agreement is up to 80,000 pages. The volume of translations has increased in recent years, and the Commission has estimated that outsourcing needs will continue to grow in the future. High-quality translations ensure that information related to the Commission's activities is accessible to all EU citizens on an equal basis.