Writers' tools

Effective, high-quality and consistent communication helps build and promote both your organisation's brand image and the author's personal brand.

The more public the text, the more essential the role of understandable communication is in terms of accessibility and equal treatment of citizens. However, many content production systems lack proofreading tools.

Lingsoft provides customised writer’s tools. Understanding diversity of language is at the core of our know-how.

Why Lingsoft?

Lingsoft has developed a spell-checker for 21 languages for the Microsoft Office software family. Our tool is used by tens of millions of people every day. We have also tailored other similar quality assurance tools e.g. for the EU, the Suomi.fi e-service and to support the production of patient documentation production by addressing specific issues related to this type of text. 

Lingsoft has long-standing and extensive experience in meeting the needs of various sectors. Our quality assurance tools are flexible, and can be integrated via open interfaces into any platform in order to facilitate business processes and a seamless user experience.

"For Finnish end-users, an important criterion when choosing a word processing software is whether the software supports proofreading and hyphenation for Finnish. This has a major impact on the quality of a text, even though an automatic proofreader cannot be solely relied upon for checking the spelling. In this regard, Word is by far the best of all the word-processors we tested."

(Mikrobitti 1/2018: Parempi tekstinkäsittelyohjelma kuin Word?) [Word-processor better than Word?]

Customer stories

Further details on our quality assurance tools.

Quality assurance tools for healthcare

Lingsoft’s speech recognition and quality assurance tools facilitate the work of transcriptionists, making the work more practical. The tools also improve the efficiency of patient documentation production.

Next-generation language learning platform

Literacy is becoming increasingly important in this increasingly digital world. The project titled "Alla kan skriva" (Everyone can write) is aimed at the development of a language learning platform that promotes learning via positive feedback.

Quality assurance tools help improve fluency of media content

Nowadays, the work pace of journalists is hectic, and the Schibstedt media group has risen to the challenge by deploying a quality-tool developed by Lingsoft to speed up the writing process.

Quality assurance tools ensure accessible language for online services

Our custom-made quality assurance tool helped improve the accessibility of the language of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's online services. The tool alerts the writer e.g. of unnecessarily obscure language.

The impact and importance of writing and text in this digital world, where we often communicate with each other regardless of time and place, is massive. Information, communication, participation in society, business and working life require idiomatic, high-quality writing, often at a breathtaking speed, no less. The integration of quality assurance tools that genuinely understand human language into a word processor or content management system, enables you to produce texts faster and more efficiently. One of the benefits of using a quality assurance tool is that it helps you fulfill accessibility requirements. This, in turn, ensures that your message reaches both familiar and new audiences.

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