Finland’s leading language company

We offer agile translation, subtitling and transcription services as well as diverse speech recognition and text analytics solutions.

Whatever the challenge your organisation faces – internationalisation, accessibility of digital services, comprehensibility, discoverability or content production – we provide tailored language services and solution packages to suit your needs.

Käännöpalvelut, kielipalvelu, markkinointimateriaalit ja tuotedokumentaatiot, ohjelmistokäännökset, videotekstitykset, erikoisalasanastot

Translation services

Agile, reliable and high-quality translation services play a key role in the digital era when your company is looking to grow, expand internationally and offer an outstanding customer experience. We are here to help you succeed in a multilingual world.

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Saavutettavuus digitaalisille sisällöille, verkkopalveluille, videotallenteille, äänitallenteille ja tiedolle

Accessibility: subtitling

Services and content are going digital. The challenge lies in making them equally available to everyone – regardless of users’ special needs, medium or language. Lingsoft’s speech recognition-assisted subtitling service enables fast, high-quality and cost-effective video subtitling and podcast transcription  through human-machine collaboration.

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Puheteknologia, automatisoitu puheentunnistus erikoisterminologeille – myös terveydenhuollolle

Healthcare solutions

Our  clients in the public healthcare sector rely on us to produce the best patient documentation in the world. Our speech recognition services, digital dictation solution and flexible medical transcription services enable the creation of high-quality, accurate entries quickly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, text analysis enables the further use of patient data while improving the understandability of patient records.

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Why Lingsoft?

With us you will be in good hands. We have over 30 years of experience in the language sector, an extensive range of language services, versatile language technology solutions. Our capabilities combined with a genuine desire and the ability to understand our customers' needs guarantee an excellent end result.

Lingsoft — a full-service language company

We are the leading company in our field in Finland and the Nordic countries with an extensive range of language services and language technology solutions. We offer a variety of services and solutions for the analysis, processing, production and management of spoken and written language. 

Translation services, video subtitles, content production

We look to understand each customer’s business needs in order to create a solution or service package that delivers value specifically for your organisation.
Rather than settling for generic solutions, we dare to think outside the box and do things differently  providing tailored translation services, automated multilingual content production processes, application localization, subtitling of video clips, transcription of interviews or dictation, analysis of text and audiovisual material, data anonymisation, customer service automation, voice-controlled user interfaces, text indexing or brand language management.

Smart technology at your disposal

Our solutions are based on Lingsoft's proprietary, globally recognised language analysis technologies, the latest AI research and international standards. Our strength lies in continuous development; we develop, test and use our solutions in our own language services. At Lingsoft, humans and machines work together: smart technology works in tandem with language expertise and flexible customer service. This way we help our customers take control of their organization's language management and use their linguistic capital productively.

Your partner in all of your language service needs


Lingsoft is a one-stop shop for all the language services you need. We can help you solve linguistic accessibility problems, whether they are to do with multilingualism, video subtitles or accurate official language. This will get your message across – on all media, in all languages, to everyone.

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Kielellinen saavutettavuus: käännöspalvelut, käännös, lokalisointi, versiointi, internationalisointi, hakukoneoptimointi, tekstitys, asiasanoitus, kuvailu, rikastus, editointi ja oikoluku.

Up to 130 language combinations

We offer website translations, multilingual marketing materials and product documentation, software translations, video subtitles, specialist glossaries and language management tools – or a secure machine translation solution geared to meet your company’s specific needs.

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Kielipalvelut: nettisivukäännökset, monikieliset markkinointimateriaalit ja tuotedokumentit, ohjelmistokäännökset, kielenhallinnan työkalut ja konekäännös


Survey: Lingsoft is among the biggest language service companies in the world

The U.S.-based consultancy firm Nimdzi published their report on the world's hundred biggest language service companies for 2021. The report is based on surveys and financial data published by the companies. Lingsoft is the only Finnish company included in this report on the one hundred biggest language service providers in the world. Lingsoft has maintained its position in the TOP100 list for several consecutive years. 

European Commission Awards Lingsoft Translation Contracts for Finnish and Swedish

The European Commission has awarded Lingsoft Language Services Oy framework contracts for translation services into Finnish and Swedish. The value of the contracts totals five million euros. Lingsoft has been a contractor of Finnish translation services to the European Commission for nearly 20 years. With the new contracts, Lingsoft’s cooperation with the European Commission will also cover Swedish translations.

Lingsoft assists the Finnish Parliament's Records Office in remote work using a speech recognition service

In the beginning of April, Lingsoft had the pleasure of starting a unique cooperation: We will help the experts at Parliament's Records Office to work remotely with Lingsoft's speech recognition service! Due to the exceptional circumstances, the Records Office has started working remotely, and Lingsoft is offering speech recognition services to the Records Office until the end of June.


Why is worth it to use a translation agency for your translations?

You might be tempted to get translations done in-house within your own company to control costs, especially if you have people with good language skills. Still, it is worth remembering that an internally made translation bears a cost – namely the amount of working time spent on it. Also, translation assignments may keep employees from fulfilling their core tasks. In this blog post, we have listed good reasons to use a translation agency's services.

The promise of speech technology

The use of speech technology is becoming increasingly common both in the workplace and in everyday life. At home, voice commands can be used to make phone calls or turn lights on and off, and as more and more household appliances are being connected to the internet, the possibilities for using speech technology are increasing – indeed, smart homes are already being discussed. Speech recognition functions, such as command recognition, also improve accessibility for programs, and even everyday chores with voice-controlled devices. 

Media products for everyone: accessibility in video and audio content


We all have the right to receive information and learn, regardless of whether we have difficulties with reading or writing, impaired hearing or vision, or other challenges in using online media. The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) was established to safeguard these rights. WCAG is an international, continuously updated database of guidelines for making media content such as videos and audio tracks more accessible.

The only Finnish company in the top 100

Lingsoft, Top 100 Largest language service providers in the world, LSP

Every year, Nimdzi Insights, an American market research company, publishes an extensive research report on trends in the language services sector. In 2021, Lingsoft was the only Finnish company among the world’s 100 largest language service companies.

Translations, accessibility services, speech recognition solutions

We offer  an extensive range of language services from translation to language management solutions. All you need to do is contact us.

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Käännöstyöt, tulkkaukset, saavutettavuuspalvelut, AV-kääntäminen