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Companies use content marketing to provide content that is interesting, useful and meaningful to their target audience and share the their expertise with their own voice. 

Content is not only created, but curated as well: the best bits from a flood of online content is picked according to the needs of the target audience. Then, context is created in order to explain what makes this content important and why. 

Lingsoft provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for creating and managing your content.

Why Lingsoft?

Lingsoft helps you produce impactful, easy to find and accessible content and create a unique tone of voice for your organisation. 

We take care of the grammar and terminological and stylistic consistency of your texts – this means checking, proofreading, editing, versioning, internationalising, optimising, determining keywords, describing and enriching your content to make sure your message is communicated exactly the way you want. 

We can also produce content for you according to the objectives and aspirations of your organisation.

We use our in-house language management tools as well as terminology and keyword solutions based on language structure analysis. We tailor our solutions to your organisation’s specific needs. If necessary, our solutions can be integrated into a content creation system (e.g. Drupal and WordPress).

The language of an organisation is an important building block of the company’s image. Your tone of voice is just as important in establishing an identity and brand image as visual content. 

Therefore it is important that your organisation’s content stands out among the masses of information and that your voice is heard everywhere in a consistent, recogniseable form.

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