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Easy Language means adapting text so that it is easier to understand, which makes the content more accessible. 

Easy Language or Easy Finnish is easier to read and understand than standard Finnish. Various standard texts can be adapted to Easy Language in terms of content, vocabulary and structures. There are official definitions, criteria and instructions for Easy Language, which means that it is a uniform method of communication. 

Clear language differs from Easy Language in that there are no national criteria for it. Both concepts share the objective of making text easier to read and, for example, avoiding unnecessarily complex sentence structures.

Easy Language services

Easy Language adaptation

Easy Language adaptation makes it possible to alter standard texts so that they meet the criteria for Easy Language. Our Easy Language adaptation is always done by a language professional.


Translation of Easy Language texts

We translate Easy Language texts in foreign languages (e.g. Plain English) or standard texts into Easy Finnish.

Production of Easy Language content

We create the accessible Easy Language content you need in Finnish and other languages.

Clear language services

Good official language

Clear, uncomplicated language ensures that your message reaches all members of your target group. Good and clear communication has a major impact on the brand image of an organisation.

Proof readers

We can tailor proof readers to meet different needs, such as checking spelling or eliminating jargon.



Our proofing services support your multilingual and accessible content production, for example, in the form of proofreading or language consultation.

Enhancing the service with automation – Laatuagentti (Quality Agent) solution for the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

The solution developed by Lingsoft supports the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's experts in their work and helps them to write texts that are easier to read and more accessible. The Quality Agent solution notifies authors about, for example, jargon, spelling errors and other things that make reading more difficult.

Read more about the Quality Agent solution to support clear language.

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Easy Language text reaches a wider audience

Who needs Easy Language?

According to the Finnish Centre for Easy Language (Selkokeskus) more than 10% of the Finnish population – 650,000-750,000 people – need Easy Language. Demand for Easy Language materials is increasing all the time as the population ages and more people require this type of language. For example, Easy Language is needed by

•     immigrants and language students 
•     people with memory disorders, aphasia or some other illness affecting their linguistic abilities 
•     people with dyslexia, attention disorders or similar challenges 
•     people with poor literacy skills.

The importance of plain and clear language

We need language in everyday life when we read or watch the news, sign a contract or use different services. For example, opportunities to access the necessary services or defend one’s rights are significantly reduced if news, instructions, guides or service descriptions are too difficult to understand. Participation in society takes place through language. For example, making instructions and news available in Easy Language is decisive in terms of voting.

Easy Language and clear communication allows a company to reach new audiences and communicate effectively. It is important to know exactly what the main message is when communicating in clear language, and this will make all forms of communication more effective.

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