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We transcribe research interviews, podcasts, dictations, telephone calls, speeches, meetings, and interrogation and court recordings efficiently and in appropriate detail, regardless of whether there is one or more speakers on the recording.

The amount of audiovisual material is constantly increasing among public administration organisations, research institutes and the media. Analysing, processing and archiving this material requires that the content is transcribed.

Furthermore, public service organisations are required to make their audio content, such as podcasts, available in text form, namely as a transcript, in accordance with accessibility requirements.

Lingsoft’s transcription services are based on our in-house language technology solutions, include speech recognition software and quality checkers. These solutions enable us to provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective services.

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Transcription at the required level of detail

Based on your needs, you can choose from three types of transcription:

Basic transcription: the content and relevant soundscape in the audio recording are carefully transcribed while taking into account the understandability of the text: unnecessary filler words are excluded from the transcription and the fluency of language can be edited for improving legibility. Any colloquial expressions are retained.

Standard language transcription: the same content as in basic transcription, but any colloquial expressions are replaced with general expressions.

Exact transcription: the most precise form of transcription, which includes any filler words, repetitions, hesitations and non-verbal communication, such as pauses. 

For processing materials in multiple languages, we also offer an interpretation transcription service.

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