Subtitling - visible speech (for humans and machines)


Lingsoft subtitles television programmes, marketing and instructional videos, news clips, vlogs, webinars and much more so that your multimedia content can reach as wide an audience as possible. We do all of this flexibly, quickly and to the highest standard. If necessary, we'll even do it in real time. And, if your target audience is international, your message will be conveyed with translated subtitles.

Information should be heard and seen by all

New technologies and innovative services - particularly social media - are changing the ways people produce and consume content. The volume of audiovisual content is growing exponentially and being able to increase the accessibility of your content to various user groups is becoming increasingly important. 

Subtitling is one way to make audiovisual content available to as many users as possible. Subtitled television programmes, online videos or even real-time streams of municipal council meetings can make your content available to groups with special needs, such as the hearing-impaired, immigrants or other language learners. 

Language technologies support the subtitling process

To ensure accessibility, it is crucial that you can convey your content as precisely and comprehensively as possible. Likewise, the viewer experience is significantly affected by the comprehensibility and readability of your subtitles: the linguistic quality of the subtitles as well as the interplay between what you see and read. 

Even though subtitling has traditionally been done by manual means, new approaches, tools and workflows are needed for the increasing tide of live content and, for example, increasingly stringent accessibility regulations. Here at Lingsoft, we have developed a language and speech technology-assisted subtitling process that makes it possible to subtitle flexibly, quickly and to the highest standards. If necessary, we can even do it in real time.

Lingsoft has provided its subtitling services since 2011. Our largest client is the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, whose social mandates include the subtitling of television programmes for hearing-impaired viewers and language learners. Read more about YLE's subtitling needs, goals and solutions here.

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