We will help you ensure that your digital services and content – videos, podcasts or articles - are available to all your users.

Subtitling makes your audio and video content accessible in all channels, to everyone. Clear language ensures that your message is correctly understood, whatever the channel. With the help of translations, you can reach users anywhere in the world.

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Video subtitling

We can supply you with your video content, subtitled in accordance with the accessibility requirements, quickly, simply and inexpensively, directly onto your platform if you wish the product of man-machine collaboration.

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Subtitling programmes

Programme subtitling enables you to transmit your TV production or the story in your marketing film to everyone with the tone of voice and atmosphere accessible to all. We make sure that the links between the text and pictures are seamless.

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Foreign language subtitling

With foreign language subtitling, you can reach your public in their own language, both at home and in international markets. It also makes the content of your videos even more accessible.


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Podcast transcription

A transcribed text makes the audio content accessible and makes finding it even easier. At the same time, you provide a fluent reading experience to those in your audience who are hearing impaired.

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Accessibility is customer focused

Subtitling makes content accessible.

In addition to those who are hearing impaired and language students, subtitling serves the needs of all users. With the aid of subtitling you can follow an important briefing in a noisy environment, a recorded webinar in the bustle of a home office, or an interview with an expert on social media on mute after the kids have gone to bed.

Lingsoft’s speech recognition assisted subtitling service enables genuinely accessible video subtitling and podcast transcription through man and machine collaboration, ensuring fast, high-quality, and cost-effective results sometimes even in real-time.


Information belongs to everyone

The requirements for accessibility came into effect on 23 September 2020.
We can help you ensure that your video and audio content are genuinely accessible!

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Accessible subtitling as a comprehensive service

Do you wonder what the accessibility requirement involves, how subtitling is done and who can do it? Don’t worry. We have the knowledge, tools and people, and we can have you ready for 23 September 2020!

Our agile, full-service saves time and costs

We provide high quality, agile and cost-effective subtitling as a straightforward full-service. We want to make your life as easy as possible: ordering is simple, and we can supply the subtitles directly to your publication platform if necessary. That saves the time you would have spent on uploading files and dealing with emails for more important jobs. We can produce all the language versions you need or even podcast summaries for your internal marketing needs.

Effective subtitling through man-machine collaboration

We generate subtitling through man-machine collaboration. Lingsoft’s own artificial intelligence does the groundwork and our language experts polish the subtitles so they meet the accessibility requirements. This generates subtitles quickly - at best accessibility of your social media campaign can be achieved the same day. Our efficient team and our technology mean the costs make the work accessible also.

Accessibility is the best service

Genuinely accessible content tells your customers that you want to serve them and take their needs into account.  Accessible content can also reach a completely new public, and as well as your message, your sense of caring and responsibility is also transmitted. This is precisely what gives rise to a good customer experience: genuine customer focus.

Customer stories

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Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)

Subtitling programmes creates “visible speech”. Accessible programme subtitles are the result of Lingsoft’s man-machine collaboration.

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Digital and Population Data Services Agency

The accessibility of the service descriptions of the service information store is ensured using Lingsoft’s automatic text checking.

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Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce organizes online courses through its KoulutusOnline-service, which includes video content. Subtitling ensures the accessibility of the videos.

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Publications Office of the European Union case

EU legislation can feel complicated and difficult. Synopses of legislation summarise common issues in a clear and understandable form in 24 languages.

Why is accessibility important?

Accessibility means unhindered access to digital services; in other words, that every one of us can use electronic services, utilise digital information and participate in the digital community.

According to the EU’s Accessibility Directive and the Digital Services Act, public sector websites must conform with accessibility requirements from 23 September 2020. This means, for example, that video or audio material published on a website must be subtitled within 14 days of publication. Video and audio content published on mobile applications must meet the requirements no later than 23 June 2021.

The accessibility requirements of the Digital Services Act apply, above all, to public sector organisations. However, in Finland, the scope of the act also covers some private sector companies, such as banks and insurance companies.

Ultimately however, accessibility is about genuine customer focus: understanding the customer’s needs, taking the user into account, and good service. That is why it is worth giving thought to accessibility, even if the law does not apply to your organisation.

Read more about accessibility criteria that are defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

What is linguistic accessibility?

Accessibility is the sum of many factors: it is the product of lack of technical hindrance, smooth user experience and understanding of the content. Understanding, in turn, is a product of language: clear language is accessible language.

Accessible content, at its best, is multi-channel. The subject content is transmitted using voice, pictures and text or as the result of complementarity between them. However, the linguistic content is always the central part: it is through language that we describe the world.

Clear language helps us to understand. Correct grammar, simple structures, organised subject content, and descriptive headings help ensure that the text will be readable and understandable. In this way the content of the message and the tone of voice are transmitted.

Clear language is not the same thing as plain language. Plain language is a form of language that has been adapted to make its structures and vocabulary easier than everyday language. Plain language makes information accessible to people who have difficulty in reading or understanding the contents of everyday language. Clear language is the communicator’s most important tool.

For all messages and for all kinds of content, the objective is to ensure the message gets across to everyone.

Lingsoft is developing accessibility products for the future in its MeMAD- and Lingsoft Delta -projects for example.

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