Lingsoft one of the winners in innovation competition: accessible webcasts and better viewer experience with the help of language technology as main objective

Nowhere near all digital media is accessible today, and millions of people in the Nordic countries are excluded when there is a lack of subtitling for webcasts. Lingsoft is one of the winners in the 15th Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) innovation competition. In our project, we are developing innovative solutions to create inclusive and accessible viewer experiences, with the help of language technologies.

Since 2010, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority has held an annual innovation competition, which encourages innovation and the development of solutions that make it possible for more people to enjoy the opportunities afforded by digitalisation. The theme for the 15th PTS innovation competition was Conversational user interfaces for everyone (Konverserande gränssnitt för alla). The goal was to come up with digital solutions based on speech technologies in order to promote communication between people, regardless of their functional capacities. The solutions should contribute to improving everyday life for people who live or work in Sweden and speak Swedish.

Of the 84 entries in the competition, 14 went on to the first round, the prototype phase. Of these entries, 7 have moved on to round 2, including Lingsoft. PTS will provide the winning projects in the innovation competition with funding up to SEK 3 million per project.

In the project, Lingsoft will develop cloud solutions for accessible webcasts, such as webinars, election debates and conference web streams. Focusing on the user experience, and with the help of speech recognition and other language technologes, the solutions will provide automatic subtitling and automated explanations of key concepts, in an accessible user interface.

Lingsoft's Chief Digital Experience Officer, Maria Leinonen, is pleased with the award from PTS and says that the solutions developed in the project will be an important part of Lingsoft's service offering going forward: "We're setting the bar high: We want to contribute to making a more inclusive and accessible society, and through this project we are making it possible to easily create webcasts that are accessible to everyone.”

For additional information on the Lingsoft project, please contact:
Michael Stormbom, Key Account Manager, Project Owner,

Further information on the 15th PTS innovation competition can be found on the PTS website (in Swedish only): 

Projektet stöds av PTS tävling "Innovation för alla"

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