Top-quality patient documentation is accurate, quick to access and easy to understand. It supports the work of health care professionals and helps patients understand information that affects them. 

With Lingsoft’s comprehensive health care solutions – speech recognition, digital dictation and text analysis – text can be produced and utilised in a variety of ways.


Lingsoft’s solutions for producing text and utilising content have been optimised for the needs of the health care industry, and we always take the time to find the best overall solution for each of our customers.  We can provide health care transcriptions either as a real-time service based on our high-quality speech recognition solution or as a transcription service. One of our strengths is the secondary use of text, which means analysing patient texts in order to provide a better understanding of them and to improve clinical pathways. 

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Our solutions benefit all the healthcare professionals involved in the care chain and, above all, the patients. A physician using the speech recognition service can transfer patient information directly to the patient information system in real time, so that the information is immediately available to any professionals taking part in the care of the patient. There is no need for time-consuming review rounds. Likewise, a social worker who makes home calls can dictate information immediately after visits and create a transcription of the dictation using a mobile device. This will save health care and social welfare professionals considerable time and effort. In addition, customers will be able to access their information promptly. The quick turnaround time of new entries combined with Lingsoft’s term interpreter for patient information increases patients' understanding of their treatment process, improves commitment to treatment and reduces unnecessary contact with customer service.

Why Lingsoft?

Lingsoft’s solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the health care industry. The solutions are also well suited to the needs of social welfare services. With decades of experience, we understand the special requirements of Finnish, which is why Lingsoft’s text production tools are the most accurate and high quality in the market. Because we have developed the technologies we use, it is easy for us to customize solutions based on customer needs. Lingsoft’s asset is versatility – we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions for different purposes. In addition to services related to producing texts and tapping the information in them, we also offer other linguistic services, such as translations and accessibility solutions.

Customer stories

Read about the solutions we have provided for the health care sector.

THL: A tailored language model for forensic transcriptions

Lingsoft provided its speech recognition service as part of the forensic medicine dictation process used by the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Thanks to speech recognition, document processing times have been reduced without compromising the quality of documentation.

City of Tampere: High quality documentation with the help of speech recognition

Employees of the City of Tampere social and health services are excited about using Lingsoft Speech Service for their customer documentation. The technology helps create high quality documentation faster, meaning that the employees have more time to interact with customers. 

Quality tools for transcription

Lingsoft’s speech recognition and quality tools facilitate transcriptionists’ work, making the work more meaningful. The tools also improve the efficiency of patient documentation.

Keusote's logo

Keusote social services selected Lingsoft's speech recognition

Lingsoft Speech Service had already been taken into use in Keusote's healthcare sector, when the wellbeing services county wanted to pilot the solution in social services. The experiences were encouragingly positive, as the use of the speech recognition tool reduced the work time required for documentation and streamlined the everyday life of professionals.

Secondary use of patient texts

Patient information systems contain enormous amounts of information, but the life cycle of this information is often short. Painstakingly produced texts get buried in the systems, and finding the desired information is not easy. Additionally, machine reading of free-form patient records is challenging, as even the simplest matters can be expressed in a number of different ways. This means that employees have to spend a lot of time searching for information. The value of patient records increases as the information obtained from them can be better utilised. Lingsoft has specialised in the analysis of clinical language since 2008. Our language technologies make it possible to find the desired phenomena in patient records: we can restore the words to their basic forms and enrich them with semantic data. This also makes it possible to observe connections and relationships between different concepts and phenomena. Any treatment a patient has received can, for instance, be identified in patient documentation and be used in anticipatory decision-making. The customer’s need determines which elements of text are analysed and where the value of the solution lies.

Term interpreter to assist the patient

The terms used in health care play a critical role: they contain plenty of information in a concise form, facilitating communication between experts. However, a patient may find the medical terms in their medical report as clear as dishwater. Lingsoft has developed a solution for making professional language more accessible for new groups of readers. The solution is a browser-based reader tool that identifies terminology in text and provides additional information about the terminology, such as synonyms, definitions, images, and videos. Instead of having to interpret a report word-for-word using Google, a dictionary and the help of friends and family, the patient can be provided with reliable information with the help of a centralised and fast solution. An understandable and accessible message also empowers the reader: it reduces ignorance and uncertainty, improves adherence to treatment, and reduces the need to contact customer services in cases where it is not necessary.

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