Health care professionals and customers require quick and reliable access to accurate patient records – in just a few minutes in the most urgent cases.

We help health care organisations produce high-quality patient documentation flexibly and cost-effectively
We tailor our medical transcription services to meet the needs of our customers, from completely outsourced medical transcription and overflow service for peak periods and holidays to on-call services.

Flexible and professional service

Every patient visit is logged in patient records. This means that in Finland alone, millions of entries are made every year. Most of the entries are dictated, after which they are transcribed by a professional transcriptionist. 

Depending on the time of the year and day, the number of patients and dictations varies greatly, which can pose a challenge for scheduling the transcriptionists’ work. Delays in patient record preparation slows down the entire care process. Our outsourced medical transcription service provides a solution to fluctuations in availability and demand. 
The outsourced medical transcription service works just as smoothly as an in-house service. We directly transcribe dictations into the patient record system via a secure remote connection.

The best tools in the industry

Traditional transcription is manual, time-consuming work, and texts transcribed in a hurry may contain errors. In turn, the errors may lead to misunderstandings along the care path.

Lingsoft aims to produce the best, error-free patient documentation in the world to the benefit of both patients and health care professionals and organisations.

We have developed our entire medical transcription process to rise up to the challenges in the industry. Lingsoft’s transcription service features a browser-based system that includes various tools for transcriptionists, management as well as financial administration. Our tools help optimise customer servive quality and efficiency.