City of Tampere: High quality documentation with the help of speech recognition

Employees of the City of Tampere social and health services are excited about using Lingsoft Speech Service for their customer documentation. The technology helps create high quality documentation faster, meaning that the employees have more time to interact with customers. 

In 2020, the social and health services of the City of Tampere decided to try out using speech recognition in social services. Following a positive reception, the city began another pilot in May of this year. The pilot will last until the end of the year. 

The aim of the first pilot was to collect information and experiences on how speech recognition affects the efficiency, productivity, and quality of the customer documentation writing process. Different options available for creating patient and customer documentation were mapped to find faster solutions for entering information in the customer information system. The aim was also to find out how the users felt about the new tools and methods of working. 

The speech recognition pilot began in autumn 2020, and 15 employees of the social and health services participated in the project actively. The users were provided access to the service for three months. The pilot period was then extended until the end of 2020 at the users’ request. 

Based on user feedback, Lingsoft Speech Service was found to be intuitive and user-friendly. Lingsoft’s solution is based on technology that does not require users to teach the service their own voice or terminology. This means that the users were able to quickly adopt the service. 

The speech recognition tool received a good overall score from the participants. Centralised terminology updates  implemented based on the users’ feedback had an immediate impact on the quality of the speech recognition. The updated terminology was immediately available to all users, meaning that individual users did not have to make changes or additions.

Overall, the users felt that the service made their work faster and easier. The service enabled the users to save up to half the time they had spent creating customer documentation. This freed up more time for interacting with customers. 

All in all, the users had a positive experience using Lingsoft’s speech recognition service, which was considered conducive to their work. 

“I definitely hope I can use speech recognition in the future. It makes my work a lot faster.”

“It makes documentation so much faster.”

“Of all the changes taking place, this is the one the employees are most eager about.” 

"My own experience is that speech recognition works brilliantly, and it has been a great help. Hopefully we will be able to use it even after the pilot period.”