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Read the customer cases below to find out how we've succeeded in our partnerships with the healthcare sector.

Keusote social services selected Lingsoft's speech recognition

Lingsoft Speech Service had already been taken into use in Keusote's healthcare sector, when the wellbeing services county wanted to pilot the solution in social services. The aim of the four-month pilot was to gather professionals' experiences of different use situations and to measure how much the use of speech recognition speeds up customer documentation.

The experiences were encouragingly positive, as the use of the speech recognition tool reduced the work time required for documentation and streamlined the everyday life of professionals. Lingsoft's team also provided regular support for the users. In December 2023, the Central Uusimaa wellbeing services county's social services decided to take Lingsoft Speech Service to permanent use.

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Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): 15 years of partnership in health care translations

As a significant national actor, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) produces a lot of information and materials that require translation into several different languages. The materials can be reports, bulletins, website content, statements or instructions intended for professional use or the general public. Lingsoft’s solid knowledge and experience with social and health care sector terminology effectively supports THL's multilingual communications and ensures high-quality translation work.

Over the years, translation cooperation – such as the range of language pairs and services – has expanded and developed. The advantage of long-term partnership is the fact that the parties learn to know each other well during that time. 

Case Lappica - Rapidly deploying a time-saving speech recognition solution for occupational health services

Lappica offers expert occupational health services in Lapland. When the goal is to provide high-quality services, efficiency is an absolute priority.  Thus, an accurate recognition model and rapid deployment process were exactly what the staff of Työterveys Lappica, a provider of occupational health services, needed to enhance their everyday workflow.

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City of Tampere: High quality documentation with the help of speech recognition

Employees of the City of Tampere social and health services are excited about using Lingsoft Speech Service for their customer documentation. The technology helps create high quality documentation faster, meaning that the employees have more time to interact with customers. 



Tietoallas: Mining for gold in patient records

The machine reading of free-form patient records is challenging, as even the simplest matters can be expressed in a myriad of ways. Lingsoft is responsible for indexing and text mining the Southwest Finland Hospital District's data lake in cooperation with Auria Services. 



THL: A tailored language model for forensic transcriptions

Forensic medicine professionals spend a considerable portion of their daily routines entering data. Lingsoft provided its speech recognition service as part of the forensic medicine dictation process used by the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Thanks to speech recognition, document processing times have been reduced without compromising the quality of documentation.



Quality tools for medical transcription

Lingsoft’s speech recognition and quality tools facilitate medical transcriptionists’ duties, making the work more meaningful. The tools also improve the efficiency of patient documentation.

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