Case Lappica - Rapidly deploying a time-saving speech recognition solution for occupational health services

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An accurate recognition model and rapid deployment process were exactly what the staff of Työterveys Lappica, a provider of occupational health services, needed to enhance their everyday workflow.

Lappica offers expert occupational health services in Lapland. When the goal is to provide high-quality services, efficiency is an absolute priority. Lappica wanted to pilot a Finnish-language speech recognition solution to enhance its patient entry process. The objective was to conduct the pilot using a rapid yet low-threshold testing process.

Lingsoft’s Speech Service speech recognition solution does not require a difficult deployment project, which allowed Lappica’s pilot group to begin its testing soon after submitting a request for quotation in the summer of 2022. 

Soon after the launch of the pilot, the companies arranged a feedback meeting whose results were then used to make the necessary adjustments, such as fine-tuning the solution to Lappica’s needs. Lingsoft later arranged several more feedback sessions and remained in close contact with Lappica throughout the pilot.

Lappica's experiences with speech recognition 

“Speech recognition has helped speed up our patient entry process tremendously, as the company’s secretaries no longer have to transcribe dictations manually and can instead focus on other important tasks. What’s particularly great is that we can use speech recognition to produce all kinds of text, from everyday patient entries and customer letters to emails and statements. Our collaboration with Lingsoft has been a great success from the start, and they've always been there for us whenever we’ve had any issues.”

- Petteri Heikki, Information Management Coordinator 

A bespoke speech recognition solution for the health care industry

Lingsoft’s Speech Service speech recognition solution transforms speech into text in seconds, avoiding the hassle of sending recordings to other companies for transcription. 

Lappica employs Lingsoft’s language model for the health care industry, which has been trained using specialised texts, reports and vocabularies. Compared to general speech recognition solutions, a tailored language model for specialists allows for more accurate results and less time spent on checking for and correcting errors. The solution is also speaker-independent, i.e. it does not need to be trained to understand the speech of each individual user. 

Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution helped speed up Lappica's patient entry process and save time with routine tasks, allowing the company to focus on its main cause – helping people.