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External communication features terminology that reflects a company’s identity and brand. It has an effect on the company’s image. By providing definitions for complex concepts you can help direct people seeking information to your company’s publications and highlight your expertise.

In internal communication, defining terminology clearly and consistently helps speed up communication, reduce the risk of misunderstandings, and make the use of information and systems more coherent. 

In a multilingual environment or in solutions aiming to improve searchability, keyword definition can help improve the end result.

Organisations have specific needs for terminology and glossary management. 

Lingsoft offers a wide range of solutions for different needs. 

Terminology and glossary management are at the core of our language services

Lingsoft’s language services include a wide range of terminology and glossary management services. Our service selection includes creating, maintaining, updating, and using customer-specific multilingual glossaries. 

Glossaries are always developed and updated in collaboration with the customer. 

We create glossaries and terminology databases based on materials received from the customer either as part of other language services or as a separate service.

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Synonymy can, in the right circumstances, make language livelier, but in professional communication it is usually more of a hindrance than a help. Synonyms form easily especially in new fields or topics where language use is not yet established. Many new concepts are often translated “on the go”, for example from English terms, which increases variability. 

Terminology work is not something to be neglected. Systematic effort pays for itself in the long run by making communication more effective. When each term is used in only one sense and overlapping terms are eliminated, information is more easily understandable and quicker to find.

Like our other services and solutions, terminology and glossary management is based on language technology. 

We use a browser-based platform, which enables users – both customers and our own experts – to work on the materials simultaneously and stay up-to-date on any changes. 

Our software supports industry standards, such as SKOS.

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