Multisensory methods and augmented reality take language learners into new training environments

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The most effective way to learn a language is to use it. That’s why the Multisensory Approach to Language Learning (MALL) project involves getting people out of their chairs to develop and try new and innovative ways of learning the language needed in working life.

The project utilises the Living Lab method, which brings real work situations to the training environment. This development method focuses on the perspective, feedback and experiences of users – in this case, integration clients and immigrants who are learning the language.

Lingsoft's role in the project involves using artificial intelligence to implement the required language technology solutions, such as speech recognition and translation technologies, and to provide solid language sector expertise. For example, speech recognition allows learners to practise speaking the language in new environments and use the vocabulary associated with a certain field.

The opening ceremony for the Living Lab being used for language learning and integration in the project will be held at Laurea's Lohja campus on Friday 22 March. The Living Lab (Integration and Language Learning Living Lab, i4L) involves cooperation between educational institutions and companies to develop innovative learning methods that activate all the senses. The possibilities provided by virtual reality will also be used to create training environments.

The project is based on the objective of supporting the success of immigrants at work and their commitment to working life by reinforcing the adoption of work-related language and professional vocabulary in a targeted manner.

Lingsoft is currently seeking working life partner companies for the MALL project whose employees would benefit from language-aware orientation and stronger work-related language skills. The partner’s needs will be taken into account and participation in the project tailored accordingly.

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Aurora Piirto
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