The many needs of changing media

The proliferation of online publishing means that journalists have little time to fine-tune their articles. Even though the pace of publishing is accelerating, the quality of texts still needs to be high. The quality of Schibsted's publications has been improved with the help of Lingsoft's proofreading tools.

Schibsted is one of Europe's largest media groups, and its print and online media publications are read by millions every day. Schibsted's roster of publications includes the Swedish newspapers Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet as well as the Norwegian newspapers Verdens Gang and Aftenposten. 

The proliferation of online publishing has shortened turnaround times, and journalists are not left with a lot of time to fine-tune their articles Writers must be able to focus on the content of their articles and more attention is being paid to the efficiency of the writing process.   Despite the increasing pace of publishing, the quality of online publications still needs to be high. Many newspapers have style or language guidelines that must be followed. Spelling errors not only compromise style, they also compromise the credibility of a text. Likewise, information is difficult to find if, for example, keywords or names are misspelled. The competition for readers is fierce and no media producer wants to lose readers over poor language.

Proofreadering tools that you can trust

Schibsted utilises Lingsoft's highly effective proofreading tools for Swedish and Norwegian (both Bokmål and Nynorsk), which are based on the same technology as the grammar checker and proofreading tool included in Lingsoft's Microsoft Office suite. Lingsoft's proofreading tools were integrated into Schibsted's content production system in order to keep the writing process as streamlined as possible. Lingsoft's tools analyse and check the different parts of a text in real time as the writer works, but they can also check the text as a whole. The tools detect shortcomings, errors and sections that should be expressed other ways, and they also provide correction suggestions. Reliable proofreading is an indispensable tool for journalists. 

Lingsoft maintains and updates its proofreading tools regularly to keep up with an ever-changing world and the many languages in it. One of the media's most important functions is to report news – write about new phenomena –  where a previously uncommon proper name such as Sochi or Jong-un suddenly becomes topical. Likewise, new colloquialisms are constantly being created and introduced. For example, in 2017 such terms as veganisera, fejkade nyheter and #metoo became common words in Swedish.  Lingsoft's high-quality tools also identify these types of current trends, thus allowing journalists to spend their time on writing instead constantly checking their grammar and spelling.