European Parliament texts in 10 language pairs

The European Parliament works in all 24 official EU languages on a daily basis. All languages are equal: documents are published in official languages and Members of the European Parliament have the right to use their own language in their work. EU citizens also have the right to familiarise themselves with legislation that affects them and to present questions to the Parliament and receive answers in their own language.

Implementing multilingualism in practice requires extensive language and translation work, which is supported by the Parliament's external translation partners. Lingsoft has been providing translations to the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Court of Auditors for over 25 years, and our services currently cover all translations outsourced by these clients from English, French, German, Spanish and Italian to Finnish and Swedish.

Clear and comprehensible official language

The European Parliament's documents deal with a wide range of activities in different areas of society. As a result, the EU's own administrative terminology and writing rules as well as glossaries from a wide range of speciality fields are used when producing translations. The texts also contain references to proper nouns, job titles, the names of departments and institutions, documents as well as direct quotations from earlier documents. As these concern regulations, the references and quotations must be exactly the same in all languages and refer to the correct language version of the same document in an unambiguous manner.