Planmeca: a reliable partner in multilingual documentation and communication


Planmeca is one of the leading manufacturers of dental equipment worldwide and is widely recognised for its ground-breaking product development and design. Planmeca’s high quality products are sold in over 120 countries, which means that the company must also cater to a wide range of languages. It is essential that high quality is also maintained throughout the company’s multilingual documentation and marketing.

Lingsoft has served as Planmeca’s translation and language services partner since 2012. Lingsoft translates Planmeca’s instruction manuals, documentation and marketing materials into as many as 39 different language pairs every year! The most critical, and the most challenging, aspect of multilingual documentation and communication is maintaining accurate and consistent terminology across all languages.

Lingsoft has developed an all-in-one translation project management and terminology service portfolio for handling diverse multilingual projects of all types and sizes. Lingsoft’s services bring together project management policies, consistent use of translation memories and key terminology management developed in collaboration with our clients. The key part of the entire process is the efficient and unified management of each client’s terminology throughout the entire lifecycle of their documentation.

Planmeca is genuinely invested in the quality of translation, and the collaboration between Planmeca and Lingsoft’s team of translators is essential for ensuring consistent quality. Ongoing, collaborative discussions on key terminology is beneficial to both parties: the result is high-quality translations and consistent terminology in all communication.

Lingsoft's comprehensive translation services include

  • multilingual translations
  • terminology management
  • project management
  • proofreading
  • software localisation and testing
  • language resource management
  • translation memory maintenance.