The Necoverse project is crossing borders and breaking language barriers in shipbuilding with virtual reality

The Necoverse project creates virtual environments to support shipbuilding. Graphical drawing of the shipyard: two large cranes and a modern cruise ship to be built.

Lingsoft is taking part in the two-year Necoverse project, which uses virtual technology to create a variety of interactive virtual environments for the training, design, and remote operations of shipyards and shipbuilding.

The Necoverse project is part of the NEcOLEAP locomotive ecosystem of Meyer Turku, the aim of which is to create a climate-neutral cruise ship concept. It is not enough for the ship itself to be climate neutral; the construction process and building environment must also meet the same target.

Three-dimensional virtual environments help bring together experts from around the world and improve the energy efficiency, environmental impact, and smoothness of training and design work, for example.

In the project, Lingsoft focuses on overcoming the challenges of multilingualism in international virtual environments.

The Necoverse project is led by DIMECC, with dSign Vertti Kivi & Co, Finpeda, Hollinki, Kiwa Inspecta, Lingsoft, and Meyer Turku participating. Research institutes Aalto University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are also involved. The project is funded by Business Finland, the research institutes, and partner companies.

Image source: Meyer Turku

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