Lingsoft continues as translation partner for the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL

Lingsoft has won the competitive tendering for public translation services conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL. This consists of three areas: general health and social services translations, social and health services information management translations, and forensic medicine translations. The most important language pairs in this translation work are Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-English, but Lingsoft delivers translations in all languages required by THL, such as Sámi, Estonian or Arabic. The required languages are also translated into Finnish.

General translations include materials intended for professional use and published content, such as website texts, statements, statistics and reports. The texts deal with various topics related to THL's areas of responsibility, such as public health, the health situation, and management of health and social services.

The information management area includes regulations, specifications, data structures, instructions, guides, training materials and other information management-related materials for social services and health care professionals and information system suppliers. Forensic medicine translations are documents related to cause-of-death investigations, such as death certificates, cause-of-death statements and autopsy records.

As a close translation partner, Lingsoft ensures the fluency and accessibility of THL's multilingual communications in all situations. In addition to translations, the services include video subtitling, language consultation and on-call services in crisis situations. 

Long-term partnership ensures a good response to customer needs 

Lingsoft has provided THL with diverse language services for nearly 15 years. One of the most recent cooperation projects involved translating the 5,000 concepts of the international SNOMED CT terminology and localisation to suit the Finnish health care environment.

During the most hectic period of the coronavirus pandemic, THL needed to provide information in several languages in very rapidly changing situations. In order to meet this need, Lingsoft implemented an express translation service that was – and still is – also available to other customers. The cooperation was very close, and it was later calculated that a total of 28 different language pairs were used in translations related to coronavirus during 2020–2023.

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