Lingsoft has been one of the 100 largest language service providers for 10 years

Lingsoft is on the Top 100 lists of Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research again this year. Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research are American marketing research companies that specialise in the language services and language technology sector. They also provide consulting services for language service providers operating on international markets. Based on their marketing research, both companies produce an annual ranking list of the 100 largest language service providers.

Lingsoft is the only Finnish company on these lists. Lingsoft has already been on the CSA Research list for 10 consecutive years! In addition to its Top 100 list, CSA Research compiles top lists by geographic region, with Lingsoft ranking among the 25 largest on the Northern Europe list.

Lingsoft is also on the Slator Language Service Provider Index list. Slator is an expert organisation that publishes news about events, technology development and business in the languages and translation industry. Based on their revenue, the companies on Slator’s list are divided into four categories: Super Agencies, Leader, Challenger and Boutique. Lingsoft is in the Challenger category, which includes companies with revenue of USD 8–25 million. 

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