Lingsoft can save precious time for healthcare (Dagens industri 9.11.2023)

Language experts sit around a conference room table and listen to Janica Asplund, who is telling them how Lingsoft's speech recognition solution can help save time in healthcare patient documentation.

Janica Asplund (on the left) talks about the versatility of speech recognition.
Highly capable AI-based speech recognition for dictation in healthcare delivers good results.

“Patient documentation is three times faster with speech recognition, compared to manual processing,” explains Heikki Korvenranta, Medical Advisor, Healthcare Processes & Information Technology at Lingsoft.

As one of the Nordic countries’ largest language companies, Lingsoft has a great deal of experience in language services and solutions. The company is now challenging actors in Swedish healthcare with effective and highly capable speech recognition.

“Speech recognition for dictation in healthcare makes it possible for patient documentation to be quickly available and high quality in a secure data-secure environment,” explains Janica Asplund, business development specialist at Lingsoft.

It is three times faster to dictate patient documentation than to write it down manually (1).  

“The cost-effectiveness it offers is striking. There are large amounts of time saved and resources freed up in primary care, hospitals, elderly care, social services and other areas of healthcare,” Korvenranta says.

Custom solution to meet unique needs

With years of experience in language technology and a flexible approach, Lingsoft offers tailor-made solutions.

“We conduct pilot projects where customers can test the solution. Then, we can deliver a product that is naturally adapted to, for example, the unique needs of doctors and nurses,” Asplund says.

An analysis of how the product can be used most effectively is conducted during the pilot project.

“The aim is to gain an understanding of the environment where speech recognition will be used and make recommendations on how the workflow with our products can be more seamless,” says Asplund.

AI-based technology

Lingsoft itself developed the technology behind speech recognition.

“The foundation is machine learning, with AI analysing millions of data sets of text and speech. The large amount of data ensures the accuracy of speech recognition, which means, among other things, that various dialects and accents can be read and corrected right in the text,” Korvenranta points out.

About Lingsoft

Founded in Finland in 1986, Lingsoft is an established Nordic provider of language services and solutions. Lingsoft has focused on continuous innovation in language technology and machine learning, making it a reliable partner for effective communication.


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