Now there are countless others. We help our customers understand, produce, find, create, use and edit linguistic information in our digital world filled with words and languages.

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    Even in our digital world, a single message won't reach everyone. Businesses operate globally, people move and work all over the world and content is diversifying. It is more important than ever that your message is understood in all languages, through every channel – everywhere. 

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    Services and content are becoming ever more digital. They can be used whenever and wherever, but how can we make sure that they can be used by whoever - regardless of special needs or mother tongue? The accessibility of digital services has become a key social objective in the EU, promoting inclusion and preventing marginalisation.

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    Data is the raw material of digitalisation and information its most important capital. The volume of linguistic information – both text and speech – is exploding. The challenge is no longer the lack of information – it is finding the essential.


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    Increasingly diverse forms of content are produced and consumed every day. This content – written and spoken language – serves as raw material for our language processes, which enrich and refine it into knowledge to provide insight and to create value for your organisation.  

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Lingsoft is a full-service language management company and one of the leading providers of language services and solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries. We provide a wide range of services and solutions for analysis, processing, production and management of spoken and written language.

Lingsoft the only Finnish language services provider to make global TOP 100

Nimdzi Insights LLC, a US-based consulting firm, has published a comprehensive interviews and research-based report on the world's largest language services providers. Lingsoft is the only Finnish company that makes it to the 2019 ranking of the largest language services providers in the world. Lingsoft has improved its position, moving up five places, and now we are the world's 80th largest language services company with revenue of about EUR 12.8 million (USD 14.5 million). Lingsoft is also listed as one of the 30 fastest-growing companies with revenue of more than USD 10 million (EUR 8.8 million). 

Lingsoft one of the winners in innovation competition: accessible webcasts and better viewer experience with the help of language technology as main objective

Nowhere near all digital media is accessible today, and millions of people in the Nordic countries are excluded when there is a lack of subtitling for webcasts. Lingsoft is one of the winners in the 15th Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) innovation competition. In our project, we are developing innovative solutions to create inclusive and accessible viewer experiences, with the help of language technologies.

Enhancing the service with automation: Lingsoft and the Population Register Centre improve linguistic accessibility with the help of language technology

The accessibility of online services is important to the Population Register Centre, and accessibility has been made a top priority in the development of the service. The Population Register Centre has decided to become the first actor in Finland to automatically monitor the accessibility of the texts used in its online services. In November 2018, Lingsoft will supply the Population Register Centre with a solution that helps public service providers write understandable, error-free and increasingly accessible service descriptions.