Seamlessly improve the accessibility of live broadcasts with live subtitling

Subtitling live broadcasts makes them available to a larger audience at once. For example, in the case of briefings and special broadcasts, this is particularly important in situations where information needs to be shared quickly.

Subtitling programmes after the fact has been known about for decades. Subtitling live broadcasts, on the other hand, is an entirely different practice, as people clearly speak faster than a subtitler can write. A machine faster than humans will fortunately help to solve this problem.

Lingsoft has been one of the 100 largest language service providers for 10 years

Lingsoft is on the Top 100 lists of Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research again this year. Nimdzi Insights and CSA Research are American marketing research companies that specialise in the language services and language technology sector. They also provide consulting services for language service providers operating on international markets.