Why is worth it to use a translation agency for your translations?

a translator working with a computer and papers

You might be tempted to get translations done in-house within your own company to control costs, especially if you have people with good language skills. Still, it is worth remembering that an internally made translation bears a cost – namely the amount of working time spent on it. Also, translation assignments may keep employees from fulfilling their core tasks. In this blog post, we have listed good reasons to use a translation agency's services.

1. Multilingual communication and documentation of high quality. Translating is a multifaceted process that requires expertise. Proficient or native-level language skills alone do not make anyone a translator, since translating involves, among other things, considering various linguistic and cultural influences and a knowledge of the internal logic of both languages (such as idioms, sentence structures, metaphors, symbols, etc.) as well as the ability to understand and interpret contexts. 

A flawless and professional translation gives a good impression of your company, its services and products. Good translation is an important part of reliable, customer-oriented communication, and it allows you to reach out to new customers.

2. Utilising technologies Translation agencies have modern translation tools at their disposal, such as translation memory and terminology management tools. Leveraging these tools means that the customer gets their translations faster, with lower costs and higher quality. The end result is consistent and the customer can be sure that translations will be delivered by the promised deadline. 

3. Specialist expertise and flexibility. A translation agency carefully selects the translators in their network, so that they are always trained professionals. A translator who is familiar with the customer's special line of business can produce correct translations that sound natural in the target language and meet the customer's needs and requirements. 

An agency's extensive network includes translators specialising in various fields of specialisation, meaning that the customer gets translations for various specialties conveniently in one and the same place. Also, an agency can react and respond quickly to urgent orders, since a translation agency has access to more professionals and can offer more flexibility. 

4. Benefits of choosing one provider. When your needs for translations are continuous or recurring, it is a good idea to choose one provider for all translation projects. A translation agency is a very reliable partner, thanks to its extensive network of professionals and efficient methods of co-ordination: you can be sure that your translations are of consistently high quality and in line with the style of your company. Choosing one provider for translation services improves your company's multilingual communication and promotes your success in international markets.

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