Why should you choose a full-service language company as your translation partner?

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There are many things to consider when choosing a translation partner. The choice is naturally influenced by your translation needs: whether they are one-off or ongoing, whether you need specialist knowledge and what additional services you require. Solutions are available from freelance translators, translation agencies and full-service language companies.

A one-off job or repeat custom?

When you need translation services on a regular or ongoing basis, a slightly larger translation agency or language service house is likely the best choice to meet your needs flexibly and efficiently. You can also leave it to your partner to find a translator specialising in your field - the big players have a wide network of professionals. Thanks to this network, rush deliveries can be handled with no problems and vendors can be found for even the most unusual language pairs.

A one stop shop for all your service needs

In addition to translations, your company may need subtitles for webinar recordings, marketing texts adapted to a new language market, speech recognition to accelerate processes or terminology management to maintain brand consistency across languages. If your company has a wide range of language needs, a full-service language company should be your first choice.

A company offering comprehensive language services can also solve technological problems by developing online language checkers or customised speech recognition, for example.

A language services company will be able to meet your long-term needs in the same way as a traditional translation services provider.
When you buy video subtitles, transcription or even dictation from the same provider as your translations, you can streamline the solutions to your language needs. Additional services may also include exporting translations to your platform, integrating a language solution into your own system, or creating and maintaining your own corporate termbase.

A personal touch

In urgent situations in particular, good communication is essential, and the easiest way to achieve this is to choose a service provider with a contact person in the same time zone as you.

In international business, time differences always cause their own problems, so smooth cooperation with a language service provider frees up time for other things.

Personalised service, in particular, allows services to be tailored to your needs. Sometimes Google's machine translation does the trick. On the other hand, when the aim is to serve an international clientele, for example, it is best to turn to a specialised partner.

A language services company that fosters technological advances has the resources to provide a streamlined service designed specifically for your needs.

Streamlining also allows your language service partner to get to know you and your company, and the translation memory that accumulates with each order you place makes cooperation smoother time after time.

A word about accessibility

Linguistic accessibility is in everyone's interest, as it is about providing options for the customer. Your videos will be accompanied by subtitles so that they can be watched anywhere and at any time of day or night. A written version of your podcast is also provided for those who find it easier to read than to listen. Care is taken to ensure that the language is correct and natural, so that the message is conveyed and the reading experience is pleasant.

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