Strategic data with sector monitoring

Today, data that is strategically and operatively essential to companies has been fragmented into numerous sources, whose monitoring can eat up a big chunk of the workday. Lingsoft's Agentum service helps automate routine data collection tasks. 

In business management and expert work, one must be aware of the current trends and business outlooks in at least one's own field, not to mention keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing. However, strategically and operatively essential data has been fragmented into numerous sources, whose random monitoring without any proper tools can eat up a big chunk of the workday. In some cases, crucial data can even be entirely overlooked. 

Lingsoft expanded its range of discoverability and information retrieval solutions in the autumn of 2017 with the acquisition of Agentum Technologies Oy, which specialises in media and sector monitoring. With the acquisition came rock-solid expertise in search technology. The Lingsoft Agentum service makes it possible to automate routine data collection tasks, thus freeing up experts to spend their work time more productively.

Keeping competitive bidding under control 

Lingsoft's Agentum service has an extensive clientele, ranging from SMEs to listed companies in a wide variety of industries. Clients such as Hartwall, Pihlajalinna, YIT and Lassila&Tikanoja place their trust in Agentum. The common denominator for all of these companies is the need for essential, up-to-date information that can help support their business operations. 

Our solution is custom-tailored, high-quality media and sector monitoring that a company can easily use to keep an eye on the current trends in its own industry. One of our most popular services is the Agentum Hilma Monitor, which monitors the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment's HILMA public contracts database. The service can also be supplemented with a monitoring service that focuses on the EU's TED procurement database . 

Our solution is tailored to meet the needs of each client: the service can utilise different customised search criteria, and these can include either CPV codes for specifying public procurement notices or search words. The service can then send an email summary of the procurement notices that were found using the selected criteria once a day, for example. The service's search results can also be viewed on a web browser. 

The Agentum Hilma Monitor service makes it possible to automate the manual reviewing process for procurement notices. The service not only saves your experts' valuable work time, but it also ensures that your company can stay up-to-date on all key contract tenders and sales opportunities. Effective sector monitoring facilitates the systematic development of knowledge-based management and business.  

Our other services include the operative data monitoring service Agentum Enterprise and the media monitoring service Agentum Media Monitor. Just get in touch and we'll come up with a monitoring service that best meets the needs of your organisation.