Turku’s Europe Forum examines the European Union’s position in a changing world


The Europe Forum is being held in Turku for the 5th time on 24–26 August 2022. Once again, the forum brings top names in politics, experts from different fields, the NGO sector, business representatives and citizens together to discuss the future of Europe and the EU. 

Lingsoft is serving as a partner to the Europe Forum in Turku by providing accessibility services for forum organisers and programme producers. The purpose of the forum is to bring politics and social dialogue closer to citizens, and the best way to do that by ensuring that everyone can follow the discussions. Lingsoft will produce subtitling for the forum recordings in order to make the discussions accessible. 

The programme sections deal with European cooperation and the resilience of society, the EU’s global role – especially in relation to the economy, the changed foreign policy situation both nationally and internationally as well as energy issues and the green transition.

“The Turku Europe Forum is the most important forum for our national EU dialogue. There has rarely been a better time to discuss the direction of Finland’s EU policy and the future of Europe than now,” comments Prime Minister Sanna Marin on the Europe Forum website. She is one of the keynote speakers at the event.

The public can also attend in person this year, and events are being held in several different locations. The most important of these are the Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel, Turku City Theatre and Hansatori. The theme of this year’s forum is the position of Finland and the EU as part of the changing international order. All events can be watched remotely online.

Lingsoft has collaborated closely with the European Union by serving as its translation partner for nearly 20 years. Lingsoft provides translations into Finnish and Swedish from every official union language and maintains a collection of summaries compiled from EU regulations. These translations mean that the documents produced by different bodies are available to everyone in their native language, while the summaries offer citizens, municipal actors and companies access to information about union legislation and decision-making in a more approachable and concise format in all official EU languages.

Find out more about the Turku Europe Forum programme here: https://europeforum.fi/ohjelma/.
For more information about Lingsoft’s services: www.lingsoft.fi

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