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Luxid® answers information discovery and knowledge extraction challenges. Luxid® is a powerful and scalable solution that gives immediate access to non obvious information and delivers industry-specific knowledge from internal and external data sources.

Luxid® for Scientific Discovery | Luxid® for Content Enrichment
Luxid® for Sentiment Analysis | Luxid® for Competitive Intelligence

Extract domain-specific knowledge

Multilingual annotators detect and extract high value added information from unstructured data, by reliably identifying entities and semantic relationships.

Sift through data

To build the most accurate document set, users can refine their search using self-adjusting filters relying on entities and semantic relationships.

Identify trends and patterns

A broad range of dynamic charts, tables, cross-tabs, and reports reveal the meaning behind the data. Users gain instant access to multiple views and get insight by slicing & dicing, drilling up & down, bringing information into place.

Connect the dots

To unveil information dependencies, users intuitively navigate within a network of entities that are linked by their proximity or by their semantic relationships.

Spark collaborative discoveries

To support knowledge sharing throughout the organization, users are provided with dynamic, personalized dashboards.

Read more about Luxid® on TEMIS' web site, or contact Lingsoft Sales.

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