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Language provides our most important communication channel with other people and the rest of the world. We live increasingly and more tangibly in and surrounded by languages. Yet language has been overlooked as a factor of production. The language industry is part of the content industry, which is among the most dynamically growing fields of our time. Multilingual communication is increasing steadily with language technology breaking through to new fields, all because language is the primary tool for controlling all business processes.

Lingsoft intends to enhance performance by providing products and language technology services. We believe that the maximum benefits for all concerned are achieved through the concerted action of businesses and research aiming for shared objectives. Such effort in itself is tantamount to creating a 'common market', which in turn will promote the rest of the business by creating opportunities for new products and opening up new markets.

Lingsoft cooperates with all the major players in the field. We are also involved in a number of national and European projects. On a related note, Lingsoft is one of the key participants in the biggest programmes related to language technology by Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

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