Quality tools for medical transcription

Health care units use a number of methods to produce patient documentation. Some organisations have outsourced all their medical transcription work, while others use in-house transcriptionists. A combination of these two methods is also used. In addition, medical transcriptions are produced using speech recognition, which can be the only, primary or secondary way of producing documentation in the organisation. Whatever the method, the ultimate goal is to achieve quick turnaround times for new entries and to produce high-quality texts.

A tailored language model for forensic transcriptions

Logo of Finnish institute for health and welfare

Lingsoft’s speech recognition solution accelerates and enhances the work of forensic pathologists, as they no longer need to wait for their dictations to be transcribed. Planner Milla Kemppainen from Finnish Institute for health and welfare explains that the experts in the field can use a custom-ordered, separately tailored language model for forensic transcriptions to shorten the editing process.

Lingsoft assists the Finnish Parliament's Records Office in remote work using a speech recognition service

In the beginning of April, Lingsoft had the pleasure of starting a unique cooperation: We will help the experts at Parliament's Records Office to work remotely with Lingsoft's speech recognition service! Due to the exceptional circumstances, the Records Office has started working remotely, and Lingsoft is offering speech recognition services to the Records Office until the end of June.