Even though digital information is easier to access than ever, a single message won't reach everyone. Businesses operate internationally, people move and work all over the world and content is diversifying. It is more important than ever that your message is understood in all languages, using every means of communication – everywhere. Finland is also more linguistically diverse than ever before: in addition to Finnish and Swedish, our daily interactions are enriched by several minority and immigrant languages.

Translation is not just about translating words

A conventional – precise, accurate and linguistically correct – translation is not always enough. In many cases, a message may need to be adapted to suit the needs of a particular locale (localisation) or a certain target group or purpose (adaptation). At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the linguistic and brand image of an organisation are preserved no matter the language, market area or channel. 

Our translation services combine the highest standard of expert work and state-of-the-art language technology innovations. Client-specific translation memories and term bases are just the tip of the iceberg – we also use effective project and content management systems as well as a virtual co-operation platform for all members of a translation project, thus ensuring a high-quality finished product and fast, flexible and reliable customer service. 

Our goal is to facilitate seamless interaction between people and technology. One example of this is machine translation. We don't consider machine translation as a standalone solution capable of performing miracles. On the contrary, when machine translation is custom-tailored to meet the needs of specific clients or sectors as part of a technology-assisted workflow and combined with smart pre-processing and efficient, expert post-editing, the process can be used to achieve significant time and cost benefits. 

Value and effectiveness for clients

We provide a wide range of services to companies and organisations in various fields. We are the official translation service provider for the Finnish state administration, and our other major clients include various EU agencies, universities and higher education institutions, health technology and ICT companies, commercial and service sector operators, and international language service agencies. 

No matter the field or segment in which they operate, our clients are united by their scope of operations and the wide range of language services that they require, as well as their linguistic intensity, multilingualism and internationalism.
In 2017, we provided language services to over 350 clients and over 800 end clients in 130 different language combinations. 

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