Enhance your communications with terminology management


When it comes to terminology management and glossary work, each company and organisation has their own unique needs. A text glossary for outside use is essential for any organisation that wants to maintain its identity, brand image and recognition. For internal communications, a commonly-defined professional terminology helps speed up communications, prevent misunderstandings and increase the interoperability between different information systems and the information itself. When you define your keywords in advance, you also help improve your multilingual communications and search optimisation solutions.

Here at Lingsoft, we place special emphasis on terminology management and glossary work: we help create, maintain and update our clients' glossaries and terminology databases, and we also help leverage our clients' glossaries in the language services that we provide to our clients. We develop and update our clients' glossaries in collaboration with our clients. We can create glossaries and terminology databases using the materials provided by our clients, either as part of our language services or as a separate service. 

As with the other services and solutions that we provide, language technology plays a key role in our terminology management and glossary services. Our software works on any modern browser, allowing multiple users – including our clients' own experts – to work on the same materials at the same time while ensuring that all data is kept up-to-date. Our software supports key industry standards, such as SKOS.