Survey: Lingsoft is among the biggest language service companies in the world

The U.S.-based consultancy firm Nimdzi published their report on the world's hundred biggest language service companies for 2021. The report is based on surveys and financial data published by the companies. Lingsoft is the only Finnish company included in this report on the one hundred biggest language service providers in the world. Lingsoft has maintained its position in the TOP100 list for several consecutive years. 

Lingsoft is also listed on Slator's 2021 Language Service Provider Index ( LSPI), ranking 67th out of over 180 language service companies. Slator is a language services expert organisation reporting on the latest developments, technological progress and providing business insights into the language and translation industry ( 

On Slator's index, the world's largest language service companies are organised by turnover and divided into four different size categories: Super Agencies, Leaders, Challengers and Boutiques. Lingsoft was ranked in the third category, Challengers, with a turnover of between 8 million and 25 million USD.

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