Lingsoft releases language management tools for InDesign CC

Lingsoft’s language management tools are now available as plug-ins for Adobe InDesign/InCopy CC for Mac and Windows. These plug-ins, based on Lingsoft’s ground-breaking language technology, offer precise and lightning-fast proofreading and hyphenation for your publications. The plug-ins integrate seamlessly with InDesign and InCopy, and enhance both usability and productivity.


Spellchecking, grammar checking, hyphenation and thesaurus in one package or as separate plug-ins

Lingsoft Spelling recognises core vocabulary together with all inflected forms and compound words, making use of language analysis and the best language resources available.

Lingsoft Grammar helps users to avoid certain grammatical and stylistic errors and enables users to define their own spelling norms.

Lingsoft Hyphenation hyphenates words correctly, dealing in particular with hyphenation problems for compound words, and produces pleasantly aligned text.

Lingsoft Thesaurus recognises the form of the selected word and inflects the replacing word to fit the context.

Lingsoft Proofreader contains all four plug-ins and is available in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål and Danish. The price for each language version is €99 + VAT. Individual plug-ins are also available in many languages. The price for each language version of each individual plug-in is €49 + VAT.

Lingsoft’s language management tools improve quality and productivity in the prepress media activities workflow. The tools are an indispensable aid for publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as for advertising and media offices. Thanks to Lingsoft Proofreader, you can implement and maintain shared user dictionaries, hyphenation exceptions and spelling guidelines for your whole organisation, helping you to ensure consistent and standardised language management. The implementation of the plug-ins in large organisations is made easy through the use of an organisational licence. For more information, please contact us by email at

Lingsoft – the language and speech technology professional

Lingsoft is an international, full-service language company. Lingsoft offers its customers Language Management services, such as translations and glossaries, tools for writers and readers, transcription and subtitling services, search services, text mining, teaching applications and speech recognition services, as well as eBooks. Lingsoft offers, for example, the Microsoft Office product family’s spelling and grammar check in seven languages. Lingsoft’s products function in all commonly used operating environments and with all commonly used software. The solutions provided by the company are based on a Lingsoft-developed, language structure analysis that has achieved status as a de facto worldwide standard.