Lingsoft only Finnish company in CSA Research Top100 list

The US-based CSA Research has published its list of the 100 largest language service companies for the 17th time. Lingsoft has been on the list for ten consecutive years with a ranking of  66 this year. We are the only Finnish company to make it onto the list.

Alongside the global ranking, CSA Research has published lists of the largest language service companies by region. There are eight regions, and Lingsoft ranked among the 30 largest companies on the northern European list

The list is based on CSA Research's 2021 market survey, which measures the status and growth prospects of the language industry. This year's results are based on a global survey carried out by CSA Research for language service companies.

CSA Research is an independent research company focusing on language service and technology markets. The company has provided its customers with an international perspective for growth and success since 2002. 


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