Lingsoft has made their set of Nordic NLP tools available on the European Language Grid (ELG

The goal of the ELG platform is to become the primary platform for European language technology and to provide an easy way to integrate language technology in other solutions. The ELG provides access to hundreds of commercial and non-commercial language technologies for all European languages, including both tools and services, as well as data sets and resources.

The ELG fosters both interoperability by providing a standardised and uniform manner for accessing European language technologies and creates an ecosystem for commercial and non-commercial European language technology providers, developers, researchers and customers.

The European Language Grid will boost the Multilingual Digital Single Market towards a thriving European Language Technology community, creating new jobs, new markets and new opportunities.

Through open calls, pilot project were financially supported to demonstrate the usefulness of the European Language Grid as a platform and also as a European project and initiative. Lingsoft participated in the first open call; in total, 110 project proposals were accepted for evaluation, and Lingsoft was one of ten projects to receive funding.

The goal is that all of our language technology solutions for both speech and text will be available through ELG. Lingsoft is proud to be part of this European initiative and supporting the creation of a European language technology ecosystem.

All presently available Lingsoft tools can be viewed here: 


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