Lingsoft continues its partnership with the City of Turku

Lingsoft has signed agreements with the City of Turku for translations into English and Swedish, video subtitling, and medical transcription services. The agreements entered into force in the summer of 2021.  The total value of the agreements is over  450,000 euros.

Lingsoft has long been a trusted language partner of the City of Turku, for example, as a supplier of Swedish and English translations. The current agreement will be valid until the summer of 2024, and it has an option for a one-year extension. Lingsoft will be the primary service provider for the Swedish and English translations of the City of Turku, which means that we will be able to collaborate on very diverse topics.

Lingsoft won the tender for the video subtitling agreement, which is valid until the summer of 2023. The new accessibility requirements apply to videos produced by the City of Turku, which means that the video material of a public organisation must be released with subtitles within 14 days of the publication of the material. The agreement covers the subtitling of council meetings and other video materials within the scope of the accessibility requirements as well as the transcription of audio content into Finnish, Swedish, and English.

The City of Turku also extended an existing agreement on medical transcription services. The extended agreement is valid until the summer of 2022. Lingsoft supplies the City of Turku with medical transcription services for patient records in primary health care and some specialised medical care sectors. The partnership between Lingsoft and the City of Turku dates back to the summer of 2016. Over the years, the service has been adapted to the changing needs of the city. Lingsoft is happy to continue working with the City of Turku to promote high-quality patient documentation.

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