European Commission Awards Lingsoft Translation Contracts for Finnish and Swedish

The European Commission has awarded Lingsoft Language Services Oy framework contracts for translation services into Finnish and Swedish. The value of the contracts totals five million euros.

Under the contracts concluded with the European Commission, Lingsoft will be responsible for providing translations of the Commission’s documents into Finnish and Swedish. With a total value of five million euros, the four-year contracts will enter into force on 1 July 2020.

Lingsoft has been a contractor of Finnish translation services to the European Commission for nearly 20 years. With the new contracts, Lingsoft’s cooperation with the European Commission will also cover Swedish translations.

The new contracts make Lingsoft a significant supplier of Finnish and Swedish EU translations, as Lingsoft is also the European Parliament’s main contractor of Finnish and Swedish translations.

We are very pleased to have won these new European Commission contracts in two target languages. Previous contracts have been so-called ranking agreements, in which the assignments have been divided between several suppliers. This new type of contract makes us the main supplier, which will enable us to cooperate more closely with the Commission. We are also pleased that we can offer more work to our extensive network of EU translators. Having several multi-year EU contracts puts us in an excellent position to continue developing our translation technology solutions and service processes, which allows us to deliver high-quality translation services to EU institutions’, says Lingsoft's Chief Services Officer Riikka Heikkilä.

In addition to the main contracts with the European Commission and the European Parliament, Lingsoft has several framework contracts with the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union.


Lingsoft is a full-service language management company and one of the leading providers of language services and solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries. We provide a wide range of services and solutions for the analysis, processing, production and management of spoken and written language. Whether the challenge is multilingualism, interactivity, accessibility, discoverability, productivity, efficiency or quality, everything revolves around language: text, speech and meaning.

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