On this page we have information on both upcoming webinars as well as recordings of past webinars.

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Past workshops

ELG, a bridge for NLP development

The workshop provides you information about how to interact with the ELG, the European Language Grid and helps you to solve questions like :

1) What is ELG?
2) How can your organization benefit from ELG?
3) How can your organization join ELG?
4) How to upload your tools to ELG?
5) How to use ELG available tools?

Docker and API workshop

Filip Ginter and Juhani Luotolahti from Turku NLP group assisted Lingsoft's Sebastian Andersson with the workshop presentations. The workshop is targeted at people interested in speech and language technology development who are beginners at REST API and Docker. 

By adding a web service API to your software and putting it on a Docker one can arrange many different types of tools and models into a microservice architecture similar to how the European Language Grid (ELG) and many other Saas/PaaS are organised, including Lingsoft's own SaaS. 

You can download the presentation slides here.