Language tools for Adobe InDesign CC and InCopy CC


Lingsoft offers high-quality language management tools as plug-ins for professional authoring environments: Adobe InDesign and InCopy. The programs can be used to check

  • hyphenation (Lingsoft Hyphenation)
  • spelling (Lingsoft Spelling)
  • grammar and style (Lingsoft Grammar) and
  • synonyms and hyphenation (Lingsoft Thesaurus).

All of these Lingsoft Proofreader features are available in Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian (Bokmål) for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 and InCopy CC 2017 and later versions.

Lingsoft Spelling and Lingsoft Hyphenation are also available in Nynorsk (New Norwegian) for Adobe InDesign CC 2018. The plug-ins are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. 

To order products or request additional information on the Lingsoft Proofreader package, just use our contact form.