Enhancing the dictation process


Health care professionals spend a considerable portion of their daily routines entering data. Lingsoft integrated a custom-tailored speech recognition function into the sample dictation process used by SYNLAB pathologists using a streamlined, user-friendly browser-based solution.

SYNLAB is Europe's largest provider of laboratory services. SYNLAB's services include pathology services, i.e. medical analyses based on tissue and secretion samples.

A pathologist's day usually revolves around examining samples through a microscope. Each sample analysed is accompanied by a statement, which is either entered by the pathologists themselves or dictated for transcription by a transcriptionist. Pathologists analyse dozens of samples every day. The documentation of these samples consumes a large portion of the workday in one way or another. 

Lingsoft created a speech recognition solution for SYNLAB that transcribes the pathologist's dictation in almost real time. The solution is cloud-based, i.e. it is used through a web browser. It is easy to implement, as the solution requires no user-specific desktop installations and the software does not need to learn the user's voice. The transcriptionist also does not need to teach the speech recognition by adding individual words to the software. Before the system was launched at SYNLAB, Lingsoft experts customised the speech recognition to specifically recognise the specialised terminology used in pathology by means of machine learning. 

Check out how the speech-recognition-assisted dictation service helps the pathologist in their work (video in Finnish):