Lingsoft has provided translations and language services for government ministries and agencies for over 20 years. In 2009, the bidding process for the central government's language services was revamped, with procurements being consolidated for the first time under Hansel Ltd, the central government's joint procurement unit.

Lingsoft has been the official translation services provider for the Finnish central government since the first Hansel framework agreement, three times in all so far. The current framework agreement lasts until the end of 2020 and includes a more extensive range of language services. In addition to translation services, we can provide our clients with many other language management services and solutions included in the framework agreement. These include transcription services, terminology management, language and cultural training, annotation, indexing and language consulting. No matter what you need, we can handle it – after all, we're a full-service language management company and an expert provider of language industry solutions.

The Hansel framework agreement encompasses central government procurement units, such as government agencies and departments, universities and higher education institutions, and state-owned enterprises. For more information on Hansel Ltd., visit: