Medical report translations support pensions experts


Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company is the largest earnings-related pension company in Finland. When considering applications for disability pensions and rehabilitation benefits, pensions experts base their decisions on medical reports, which may originate in foreign countries and come in different languages. This is why Ilmarinen needs a reliable partner who can produce a translation – whatever the language of the original document is. Information security is also highlighted in the translation process: the work must be carried out carefully and without compromising the data protection of Ilmarinen's customers at any time.

Lingsoft started providing medical report translations for Ilmarinen in spring 2018, and active cooperation between the companies has continued ever since. Medical reports are used to make pension and benefit decisions that have a major impact on individuals’ lives, and it is highly important that they are accurate, comprehensible and confidential. Knowledge of medical terminology also plays an important role. Lingsoft has a good grasp of these requirements as we translate a high volume of confidential healthcare documents, including health records and medical reports, also for a number of hospitals and hospital districts – and our processes and work practices have been honed with these special features in mind.

Lingsoft translates medical reports for Ilmarinen between 22 different language pairs. On average, 20 translation projects are completed every month, and cooperation between the customers and Lingsoft runs smoothly. A customer satisfaction survey conducted in early 2020 produced further evidence of this: when asked about how easy to use, flexible and smooth Lingsoft’s customer service was, the score given by customers at Ilmarinen was 9.7 (on a scale of 1 to 10).