Termitulkki interprets patient entry terminology for clients

Every one of us is an expert in a field. Be it crocheting, rheumatology, architecture or gardening, all fields have their own specialist terminology that makes it easier to talk concisely about complicated and specific matters. 

Challenging patient entry terminology 

Everyone must use health care services at some point, and many of us read the doctor’s or nurse’s entries concerning our treatment. The entries are written with health care specialist terminology to make them as precise and unambiguous as possible when various professionals process them. 

Why is a Really Really Good Language Identification Tool Important when Training AI?

Lingsoft has its roots in academia, as it was established in 1986 by two professors, Fred Karlsson and Kimmo Koskeniemi, from the University of Helsinki. Since then, collaborating with Finnish and other Nordic research organisations has always been an important part of Lingsoft’s strategy for enabling language technology solutions with state-of-the-art performance for the Nordic languages.

Seamlessly improve the accessibility of live broadcasts with live subtitling

Subtitling live broadcasts makes them available to a larger audience at once. For example, in the case of briefings and special broadcasts, this is particularly important in situations where information needs to be shared quickly.

Subtitling programmes after the fact has been known about for decades. Subtitling live broadcasts, on the other hand, is an entirely different practice, as people clearly speak faster than a subtitler can write. A machine faster than humans will fortunately help to solve this problem.

Why should you choose a full-service language company as your translation partner?

There are many things to consider when choosing a translation partner. The choice is naturally influenced by your translation needs: whether they are one-off or ongoing, whether you need specialist knowledge and what additional services you require. Solutions are available from freelance translators, translation agencies and full-service language companies.

From Speech to Text: Transcription

Universities and the wider scientific community use transcription to convert sound and video material into text data, which can then be better used in research. In addition to various interview studies, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the number of video meetings and webinars, and it is possible to send in, e.g. Teams meeting recordings to be transcribed.

Machine translation: good, bad or “ugly”?

In recent years, a new generation of artificial intelligence-based machine translation has revolutionised the daily lives of ordinary consumers and the work of translation professionals. Automatic translation is available in online services and social media platforms, where it often helps users understand key content. However, automated translations occasionally cause misunderstandings, frustration or even embarrassment, negatively affectingthe customer experience and the organisation’s brand image.