Content marketing is the buzzword of today. Instead of offering company or product-specific marketing messages, each target group is served interesting, useful and meaningful content – sharing an organisation's own knowledge, experience and vision using its own voice. In addition to being produced, content is also curated: the most suitable items for the needs of any given target group are collected from a veritable sea of online content and provided context - what is important about the content and why.

It's safe to say that an organisation's linguistic contents are vital for its image and profile – they help form an organisation's identity and brand image alongside its visual branding. So how can you get your organisation's contents to stand out from the masses and help make your organisation's message reach everyone and everywhere in a recognisable and uniform way? 

Lingsoft can help you produce influential, discoverable and accessible content and craft a unique and individual voice for your organisation. Let us take care of the wording as well as the terminological and stylistic unity – we can check, proofread, edit, adapt, globalise, optimise, index, describe and enrich your contents so that your message will be conveyed in exactly the way that you want. We can also write your content for you, based on your goals and wishes.

We utilise proprietary language management tools as well as terminology and indexing solutions that are based on our extensive work in language analysis. We can tailor our solutions to your needs and integrated them with your personal content production system (e.g. Drupal and WordPress).